Monday, June 20, 2011


Of course a visit from Papa would not be complete without a little bit of tennis. The guys had a great time, and Mommy had fun taking a bunch of pictures!
Free pointers from Papa Tennis
And now to put those pointers to practice.

Take a good look... we might have a future pro on our hands!
And let's not forget the other little tennis player in the family.
Honestly, he was more interested in drinking the water!!
At least he stayed well hydrated in the Texas summer heat!

Check out that serve technique!! Such a cutie!

Pump It Up with Papa

Papa from Colorado (as Zack calls him) came for a few days to visit, and of course we kept him busy! The first day he was here we took him to Pump It Up - and boy did they have fun! In fact, I think Papa had more fun then the boys! When we left one of the other moms there commented that he was the "World's best Grandpa", just like his shirt said. Here are a few pics from our fun morning ...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Zack is three!!

Noah is one!!

Our cute boys!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zack's 3rd birthday party

The time is upon us again to celebrate another milestone in the Thornton family -Zack's 3rd birthday! I simply can not believe that our baby boy is already 3!!! Wow! It was fun planning Zack's party this year because he was involved with the planning from the very beginning. He told me that he wanted a construction party, so that is what he got! It was actually the easiest party that I have planned so far. Here is a little taste of the party.

I found a couple pictures of construction cakes from the internet, and this is the one that Zack picked out. Good thing he picked this one - it was so easy and a big hit with the party guests!! Notice the large bulldozer has taken out a chunk of the cake! So much fun!

We chose to have the party at a park this year. It was nice to have it somewhere other than at home, although the preperation was a little different, and we had to deal with the outside elements (there was a lake wind advisory that day!)

A few minutes after taking this picture, all of the decorations from this table were on the ground! And, the decorations themselves ended up being very different than I had planned. It was a battle - and the wind won. Oh well, good thing parties are made up of much more than the decorations!

Just a few of the decorations that we used - this was at the end of the party and I had forgotten to get a picture of these decorations, so it was just everything thrown together on this table.

The party favors!

The handsome 3 year old! I never got a good picture of his shirt, but there is an excevator on it!

A few of the party guests patiently watching Zack open his gifts!

Grandma and PaPa where not able to make the party, but they did send a gift and card. This is Zack "roaring" like a T-Rex at the card from them! Such a perfect card!!!

After gifts, all of Zack's friends went to play on the playground. Not Zack - he had been waiting a long time to be able to "dig" in his birthday cake! I am pretty sure he snuck a few extra bites too!

Noah had a great time at his big brother's party too!

Enough cake - time to play!

Uncle Eric got to play on the playground too! I think he had just as much fun as the kids, lol!!!

Another fun and memorable party! We had a great time celebrating Zack's third birthday and hope he had a great day as well! We love you Zack and count our blessings every day for such a special gift from God. We can't wait to see what the next year will bring!